We opened our kitchen with the intention to bring happiness to others with our desserts. Our families have kept the timeless tradition of baking together for many generations. Every holiday we prepare all of our desserts from scratch. It is a labor of love and we’re so excited to be sharing the recipes that our great-grandparents used to make before measuring cups and electric mixers existed.

      Here at the kitchen, we believe that the best desserts are the kind that are made by hand and never come from a package. We bake everything fresh and use natural, high-quality ingredients. 

     We also believe there is more to dessert than just taste. Everyone has a cake they remember receiving as a child with their favorite character on it.  Those are the memories that stick with you. Cake is an edible form of art and a central focus of any gathering.

     Whether you are celebrating a small birthday or a luxurious wedding, we want you to have a dessert that makes for an unforgettable occasion.

     Tiffany & Zach have been married for 3 years. Both of them grew up in families that baked at home. The difference between the two of them was Tiffany wanted to learn how to make the cookies, while Zach just wanted to eat them.

      Tiffany has been making art and baking ever since she was a little girl. Zach has been an entrepreneur ever since he made his first lemonade stand. Together, they make a great pair in life and in business.

       In January of 2018, Tiffany & Zach dreamed up Little Sugar Kitchen and made it a reality.

We are grateful to be able to share our passion for desserts and family favorite recipes with you. We look forward to being a part of your special celebrations because life is better with sprinkles.